Jesus Holds A Unique Place in the Universe Jesus taught his disciples that he could perform miracles that no one else could. The early Christians and those who follow Jesus also believe and live these truths. If you read through the Gospels and letters with this in mind, it’s easy to grasp these truths, what we could call “the testimonies of Chapter One.” The Testimonies of Chapters One In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was

1. Who is king of Persia in chapter one of Ezra? -David -Asa -Solomon -Cyrus 2. Who is the first prophet mentioned in Chapter 5:1? -Hosea -Haggai -Joel -Amos 3. Who was Aaron's son? -Eleazar -Daniel -Solomon -Joel 4. What does Ezra tell the men to do in Chapter 10? -Leave their wives -Build an altar -Nothing -Go fishing 5. What is the last word of Ezra (in the King James Version)? -People -Children -Bless -Saved 6. What was the youngest age of people working on building the temple according to Ezra 3:8? -16 -41 -33 -20 7. What is the meaning of the name Ezra? -Mission -Help -God is good -God hates me 8.

A Time to Turn An excerpt from the Companion to the Book of Common Worship (Geneva Press, 2003, 109-110): The Lenten journey from the ashes of death to resurrected life begins on the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday, which signifies a time to turn around, to change directions, to repent. This first day of Lent reminds us that unless we are willing to die to our old selves, we cannot be raised to new life with Christ. The first step of

With Ash Wednesday, we begin the season of Lent. Generally, it is considered a time of confession and contrition—acknowledging that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We pledge ourselves anew to live unto God’s Word in Jesus Christ, the eternal Word that remains forever. But Lent is more than that. It is also a time of joy looking forward to celebrating the astounding and guaranteed promise of earthly rescues and everlasting life—resurrection. So this Lent, if you

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