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Starnberg Fellowship meets today at Biergarten Insel Mühle. Note there will be NO meeting today in Gauting at Christuskirche.

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Join us every Sunday as we worship God together! We meet each Sunday at 16.00 in Gauting at Christuskirche (Ammerseestraße 15). We meet weekly for Bible Study on Tuesday and Wednesday at 19.00. We have family and community events coming up, with food, live music, prayer, and lots of fun together. Join our weekly email updates for all the details!

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We meet to honour and glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus! We celebrate God together in music, in exploring the Bible and in prayer.

We're a Christ-Centered Church: Heaven and eternal life come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prayer Is a Priority: We are committed to praying, rather than merely talking about it.

Service Oriented: We are committed to serving each other and the community we aim to reach.

Stories of Faith

The Walk Podcast with Pastor John Snyder

Christ Over Career: The Powerful Testimony of Actor Cameron Arnett
“There Are No Bad Days…Only Hard Days:” JT Jester on Challenges into Blessings
Detox from Emotional Distractions: Billie Jauss Discusses the Distraction Detox
“You Can Always See the Scars:” Director and Producer Norman Stone Discusses His C. S. Lewis Movie, The Most Reluctant Convert
We believe in the power of prayer…

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Is there something we can pray with you for? Contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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