There are no 5 Easy Steps to get the answer you want. The Creator of the universe responds in brilliant strokes of vibrant colors and bedazzling patterns designed to reflect his glory and omnipotence. He is the God of the Impossible. It’s against this vivid and dynamic background that I would like you to consider your prayers and to recognize the way he has answered and answers them—in your favorite colors, tailor-made to help you understand that you are unique,

SONG IN MY SOUL Verse 1 There’s a song in my soul And I feel it stirring in me This I know for sure That Your love is like a flood And Your mercy never ending I give my song to You Verse 2 There’s a joy in my soul And it rises like the morning This I know for sure That Your grace is enough And Your promise never breaking I give my song to You Chorus All of Your goodness Is like a well running over Oh my soul, it sings for You For all of Your

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