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This Sunday at a glance: -Second Sunday in Advent! -Youth Band rehearsal for Christmas - 13:15 hrs! -Worship and Sunday School - 16:00 hrs! -This Sunday's sermon is From Despair to Hope, from Darkness to Light. Pastor John will be preaching. Scripture verses we will be looking at are Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 and Luke 1:67-79. This Sunday, 8 December - Christmas Music Jam Session THIS SUNDAY before worship at 13:15! We’ll be rehearsing the music for the Christmas pageant on 15 December, plus discussing Christmas fun in the

It appears that we are moving at warp speed toward Christmas, too rapidly in my view. It all goes by like a flash. I like to linger and savor all the sights and sounds (and flavors) of this season. And I find it very unfortunate that we don’t spend more time focusing on the Advent and Christmas passages of Scripture, except in this one season, because there is so much Gospel in them. For example, Isaiah 9, the amazing prophecy of

By Guest Author, Chaplain Chris Linzey Let's face it, we live in a love-saturated culture. Everywhere you turn you see television shows, movies, magazines, books, and other products all designed to get us to buy/watch/read by appealing to our desire to tap into love. It's especially bad in our music. While I don't have the exact number, the great majority of songs on the radio have to do with some aspect of love. Can you identify these famous love songs from

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