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Weekly Invite – 8 December 2019

This Sunday at a glance:
-Second Sunday in Advent!
-Youth Band rehearsal for Christmas – 13:15 hrs!
-Worship and Sunday School – 16:00 hrs!
-This Sunday’s sermon is From Despair to Hope, from Darkness to Light. Pastor John will be preaching. Scripture verses we will be looking at are Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 and Luke 1:67-79.
This Sunday, 8 December – Christmas Music Jam Session THIS SUNDAY before worship at 13:15! We’ll be rehearsing the music for the Christmas pageant on 15 December, plus discussing Christmas fun in the coming weeks! Questions? Contact Sarah or Stephanie!
SF Men’s Group will meet for dinner on Thursday, 12 December, at 18:30 hrs at Peter Pane in Pasing (Kaflerstraße 2-14, Pasing). Bring a friend. If you have any questions or RSVP to Pastor John.
A Superheroes Christmas and Birthday Party for Jesus – Sunday, 15 December! Join a group of well-known super heroes…Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Batman, Catwoman, etc., as they face a new Superhero is coming to town and is likely to save the entire world and put them out of a job! Imagine how surprised they are when they go bursting into the stable, only to discover that their rival is the sweet little Baby Jesus! Whether you are members, friends, or been away for a while, everyone is invited to participate in our joy-filled Christmas Pageant and to join in the celebration of Jesus’ Birthday Party on Sunday, 15 December!
22 December – Christmas Carol Service!

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