"…not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another…"  Join us this Sunday, 29 April at 12:00 noon for our end of the month activity! We’ll be meeting at Biergarten Forsthaus Kasten—a fun, family-friendly place with special activities for children! In the children's paradise, little visitors can hop, romp, and play as they wish. The bouncy castle landscape for children consists of 5 different bouncy castles—whether the Bibi Blocksberg castle for the smaller visitors

By Mike Page, Guest Preacher There’s nothing like having to prepare a sermon to get procrastination work done in the garden. Yesterday I managed to turn the compost heap and shredded a pile of branches from the winter. So thank you. And thank you for the opportunity to share this message with you. There’s a great honour that you bestow on someone when you say to them “we want to hear what you have to say about God.” Either that or you were desperate. The

Announcements: Welcome to Starnberg Fellowship! This Sunday, Pastor John will be preaching on “Disappointed in God?” and sharing in greater detail God’s power to rescue as well as his profound grace in all our lives. In addition to the Scripture verses above, we’ll also be looking at Jeremiah 20:7-10. Please join us following worship for refreshments. If you have any questions about the church, please don't hesitate to ask. Many thanks for your generous donations of gourmet dishes that made our Easter celebration a wonderful time together!

“Why Lord?” “What have I done to deserve this?” Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? Maybe you’re asking them right now. You felt that you had trusted God with your life’s plans and purposes, but he just didn’t do what you thought he would. And you are disappointed. So while you’re looking over your life and the baggage that you are carrying today, I’ll share some of mine. I wouldn’t want you to think that my life has been

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