News Join Us on Sunday – 4 October 2020

Join Us on Sunday – 4 October 2020

Sunday at a Glance – Communion Sunday
Worship Service &  Sunday School: 16:00 hrs

Scripture verses: Psalm 106:1-14
Sermon: God’s Plan: What’s in It for Me?
Pastor John, preaching

AGM following worship: 17:00 hrs

From Pastor John — Call God: The 24/7 Direct Prayer Line

How many people do you know whom you can always reach, no matter how busy they are, or who even answer their phone, emails, or text messages 24/7? Read more…

The Importance of Communion: A Sign of Assurance
via Ligonier Ministries

Scripture teaches us that we receive true spiritual nourishment when we feed on Christ by faith in the Lord’s Supper (John 6:22–59; 1 Cor. 10:16)… a true communion with the risen Christ takes place when we eat the bread and drink the wine. Ours is a supernatural religion, and supernatural things take place in the Lord’s Supper.

In Christ, we died to sin. We were released from its penalty because its penalty was satisfied. We were released from its power because we died to its authority and were made alive unto God in our Lord’s resurrection. Consequently, we never need fear that we will have to endure the penalty of sin. In Christ, our Creator considers our debt paid in full. Read more…

Hit Pause and Reflect — How to Love One Another…Even Other Christians
-By Gerald L. Sittser

His extroverted personality annoys you. She seems too quiet. He favors a liturgical worship style, while you like a contemporary one. Her political views are too liberal for your conservative taste. Sound like any of the people at your church?

Here’s how you can learn to love other Christians – no matter what: Read more…


Sooo excited to be back at church. We’ll be discussing what’s up next for our group in faith, fun, music, and…movies? See you there! ✌️❤️

Christmas Pageant & Rehearsals — Yes, it’s that time of the year!

Our Annual Christmas Pageant and Birthday Party for Jesus is scheduled for Sunday, 13 December. We’ll keep you posted as rules and regulations change. In the meantime, if you and/or your children are interested in being a part of one of the most fun times in our church family, contact Brooke, Sharon, or Shirin.

For youth involvement in Christmas programs, contact Sarah.

If you’re interested in doing a special music piece for the Christmas season, contact Stephanie.

Or, for more information or questions, write to us at: [email protected].

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