Events The Munich Bible Studies from Starnberg Fellowship

The Munich Bible Studies from Starnberg Fellowship

Night and day I pondered Romans until I grasped the truth. I felt myself to be reborn.
-Martin Luther

Sometimes our worship loses its passion. Our prayer life becomes stagnant. We forget why we are serving God. And slowly, subtly, the world’s ways become our ways. The New Testament book of Romans addresses these problems, showing us how we can break out of old patterns and become new in Christ. Join us for this in-depth Bible study on Romans. In assessing the importance of the Book of Romans, John Calvin said, “When one gains a knowledge of this Epistle, he has an entrance opened to him to all the most hidden treasures of Scripture.”

Join us on Tuesday, 15 June 2021
Munich West Prayer & Bible Study led by Will Powell
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The Munich Bible Study Leaders

We have just completed Session 2: Identity – Jesus is the Christ (God’s only chosen King) and God’s Son. Follow up with reading Mark 1:1–3:6. Download materials here!

Join us on Wednesday, 16 June @ 19:00 hrs for Session 3: Sin – Jesus came to cure our heart problem – our sin.

In preparation for this study, read Mark 2:1-12. Some questions we will be considering:
-A huge crowd had gathered to hear Jesus. Why? What kind of reputation had he built up in these early days?
-Why were the teachers of the law so annoyed by what Jesus said?
-How do we know that Jesus has authority to forgive sin?
-Jesus believed in hell. Should we? Why or why not?

Join us from your computer or device, wherever you are in the world—whether you’re in Munich, Starnberg, or far beyond! You can also join our Facebook group for updates and news about the Bible study or to continue conversation on the ideas discussed in the study.

Join us on Wednesday, 16 June @ 19.00 CET on Zoom

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