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by TJ Bates

Hallelujah! For our Lord our God almighty reigns.
-Revelation 19:6

Don’t you find this verse encouraging? I certainly do.

“If there’s any doubt that this verse holds encouragement for us in very hard times then just check the context in which it appears. Everything leading up to it describes the ultimate evil and terror that could ever occur on earth. Death, war, destruction, and pestilence are all around and seem utterly out of control. But even then, the writer tells us, God reigns over and above it all. They can’t do a single thing that goes beyond God’s permission.

“So whatever our situation or level of desperation, we pray with this hope: God will bring to us our bread for today, all that we need, and will sustain us every day thereafter both in this world and the next. Never forget it, never doubt it…God reigns!”

TODAY’S PRAYER: Pray that he Holy Spirit will do what only he can do–teach you how to enjoy the fact that God reigns over everything, even when all appearances are to the contrary.


Photo by Sascha Sormann via Flickr

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