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1. Who is king of Persia in chapter one of Ezra? -David -Asa -Solomon -Cyrus 2. Who is the first prophet mentioned in Chapter 5:1? -Hosea -Haggai -Joel -Amos 3. Who was Aaron's son? -Eleazar -Daniel -Solomon -Joel 4. What does Ezra tell the men to do in Chapter 10? -Leave their wives -Build an altar -Nothing -Go fishing 5. What is the last word of Ezra (in the King James Version)? -People -Children -Bless -Saved 6. What was the youngest age of people working on building the temple according to Ezra 3:8? -16 -41 -33 -20 7. What is the meaning of the name Ezra? -Mission -Help -God is good -God hates me 8.

Timothy Quiz 1. To whom is 2 Timothy written? 2. How many books of the Bible did Timothy write? -Zero -One -Two 3. Where is Timothy first mentioned in the Bible? -1 Timothy -Acts -Romans -2 Corinthians  4. What is the name of the town where Paul met Timothy? -Macedonia -Isle of Capri -Lystra -Venice 5. Who was Timothy's mother? -Rhoda -Lois -Eunice -Yo Mama  Timothy's father was: -Absent -A Greek -A Jew -A Roman 7. Because of health reasons, what did Paul encourage Timothy not to drink? -Milk -Wine -Grape Juice -Water 8. When Paul was sent away from Berea, with whom did Timothy stay? -Jason -His mum -Barnabas -Silas  9. Who went with Timothy

1. How many times does the word LOVE appear in the Bible (NIV)? 63 551 1024 227 2. Finish the verse: "We love because ___________." of Jesus. John loved us first. God first loved us. Jesus performed miracles. 3. How many times is Peter asked by Jesus if he loves him? 3 77 33 1 4. “They seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.” To whom did they seem a few days? 5. From Proverbs, “What

I love this anecdote about Oscar Wilde at a dinner party. Here’s how Interesting Literature tells it: At a dinner party, Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde were discussing the truth about resentment and envy, how a friend’s success often makes one unhappy, Wilde entertained the party to a story. “The devil,” said Wilde, “was once crossing the Libyan Desert, and he came upon a spot where a number of small fiends were tormenting a holy hermit. The sainted man easily shook off their evil suggestions. The

The world and its desires pass away; but the man who does the will of God lives forever. –1 John 2:1 Think about it! Everything, every person, every pain and sorrow and evil will vanish from the earth—just like dust in the wind. Sounds depressing except for the last half of this verse: "but the man who does the will of God lives forever." Dr. Snyder explains: "This is about as clear as it can possibly be. One of the main messages of

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God…”  -Exodus 20:4–5a Jealous? How can God, the perfect Creator of the universe, be jealous? We tend to think of jealousy as a flaw in one’s character. And in human history jealousy has been a root

By Martin Wiles Scripture Reference: Exodus 20:1-21 Memory Verse: Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him." John 14:23 Objective: Children will learn about the Ten Commandments God gave to his people long ago through Moses. In this study, children will learn about various people and stories from the Old Testament that teach us how we can always trust God to do what

As expats, one of the challenges we have is connecting regularly to a church community. Often, because we are in a new environment for a short while, it is easy to let attending worship regularly slip. Either culture shock or depression wear us down, or there are new family schedules and routines requiring our attention. Sometimes, it’s wonderful to visit new places and we feel that we’ll get back to going to church when we return to our home country. But

Imagine the disciples witnessing Jesus’ trial—his brutal beating and excruciating death, and finally, his burial in a sealed tomb. After all the jubilation and endless miracles, silence. Painful silence. It was the sudden end of all their hopes and dreams. The Messiah and their whole future was dead, buried, and gone. By the evening of Good Friday, that glorious promise and hope had become just one more illusion and disappointment, another mirage in the desert. But the astonishing, extreme event of

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