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Weekly Invite – 31 March 2019


THIS SUNDAY, 31 March – As our last Sunday of the month outreach event, we will be joining Amnesty International for their #Chilipalooza – The hottest cooking competition in Munich, from 12 PM to 6 PM at The Keg Bar, Trautenwolfstr 1, Munich. A family-friendly event, some of our talented youth will be joining Sarah and Stephanie to provide music for the event. Please let Sharon Page or Shirin know if you can be there so we can look out for you!

Sunday, 7 April—Guest speaker, Pastor Cyle Young will be preaching.

More About The 2019 Munich Writer’s Conference with Cyle Young, Literary Agent
Sunday, 7 April from 17:30 hrs to 20:30 hrs
Location: Christuskirche, Ammerseestraße 15 in Gauting
Cost: Free will offering

-A chance to pitch your proposal for your book! What is the 90 sec elevator pitch? The ability to summarize the entire plot of the book in about 150 well-thought out words. 

-All registrants will receive access to Serious Writer Academy’s “21 Trade Secrets & Best Practices.”

-Drawings for free online courses from Serious Writer Academy for attendees:

1. Binge Writing: Write faster, Smarter, and in Less Time.
Discover the Binge Writer in you. For some, writing is a talent, a special gift they were naturally born with. But for most, writing is a craft, improved upon over time by intentional practice and repetition. Every writer has the potential to write thousands of words, but often times our lifestyle, atmosphere, and/or self-esteem holds us back. In this workshop, you will learn how to unlock your subconscious, control your internal censor, harness your ideal writing time, capture ideas, set goals, and most importantly, get a lot of words down on paper.

2. Targeted Facebook Ads That Sell
Do you want to see a 200%-300% return on your investment by using Facebook Ads? What about 500%? Those targets are realistic and the highest selling authors are hitting those advertising benchmarks often – and now you can too! Don’t listen to the naysayers! Well-targeted Facebook ads do work and they will help you increase your exposure and sell more books. Sign up for this class and start advertising today!

3. BookBub Ads- Special Offer
There is NO BETTER marketing strategy in the entire world than BookBub. In this course, learn what BookBub is and how you can utilize BookBub Featured Ads and their regular advertisements to work for you. You’ll discover how to advertise on international BookBub copycats and how to build followers on this amazing marketing platform!

What you’ll learn at The 2019 Munich Writer’s Conference:

Session 1
• Writing Convincing Nonfiction
All successful non-fiction requires at least two of the following: a big idea, excellent writing, or a large platform. The best non-fiction books and authors have all three. Learn how to write your book to market and ensure that you position your non-fiction book to be sellable in an always-changing marketplace.

Session 2
• Writing Convincing Fiction
Is this class, you will learn the mechanics of writing an excellent work of fiction in any genre and for any age. Fiction standards across generations and genres and knowing the proper skills and techniques can help you position your manuscript for success. Learn how to write like the best-selling authors of today.
Session 3
• Being A Successful Blogger
Learn tips and techniques from the launch of a Writers Digest Top 101 website in 2018 and 2019. Every successful blogger needs 3 things: A voice, an audience, and a distinct and necessary message to convey. Learn how to create or improve your blog while growing your audience.
-About Cyle Young: Cyle Young is a literary agent and award-winning author of over 20 writing awards. In just over two years, Cyle has sold over 150 of his client’s books to publishing houses, and currently represents both Christian and General market authors who have combined to sell over 27 million books. Quarry Press will be releasing two of Cyle’s own upcoming books, Little Michigan: Small Town Destinations and Michigan Moments: A Year of Inspiration Featuring the University of Michigan Wolverines. Cyle is passionate about training writers through in-person instruction and through his on-line writing school, Serious Writer Academy. You can find out more about Cyle at his website www.cyleyoung.com.

Event Sponsors and Partners: Starnberg Fellowship, Theology Mix, Basel Community, Sonica Social, Serious Writer, Inc.

Donations and Helpers for the Writer’s Conference: If you have any English books you’d like to donate, please bring them on Sunday. Also, for the event itself on 7 April, we’re looking for people to put forward their best baking skills! If you’d like to donate biscuits/cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, or if you can help with ushering, greeting, and set up for that day, please let Shirin know. Thank you in advance!

Our First Youth Group Night was a great success! Watch for details on our next one or see Sarah or Stephanie.

The next Coffee and Conversation Morning will be Wednesday, 10 April, from 10:00-12:00 here at Christuskirche. Children are welcome! And mark your calendars for the following days: 8 May, 5 June, and 3 July.

Helper for Coffee and Conversation Needed: Grateful thanks to Kirsty Zuill who has helped with this ministry from the beginning. As Kirsty is now working full-time, she has to step aside. We’re looking for someone who is able to help fill Kirsty’s spot. If you’d like to be a part of this ministry, please see Tanya or Corinna. Thanks.

Easter, 21 April – Please let us know if you’ll be attending the Easter service. Also, join us for our special Easter celebration and Easter Egg Hunt!If you’d like to donate candy or Easter egg fillers, please bring them with you on Sunday.

Watch for details on our Back to the Future Fundraiser Coming Soon!

5 – 7 July: A Weekend Alpen Experience on the Hintersee! Join us for Starnberg Fellowship’s All-Church Summer Family Retreat with Guest Speaker, Rev. Stuart Bell. For more information, visit starnbergfellowship.de/news/walking-with-god-starnberg-fellowship-summer-retreat.

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