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Weekly Invite – 30 August 2020

Join us for Summer Bible Study on the Book of Acts!
Meeting on Sundays at Christuskirche Gauting at 16:00 hrs
Ammerseestraße 15 in Gauting

Studies will be led by
Pastor John, Alastair Hayward, Mike Page, and Will Powell


Don’t miss this family getaway!
When: 11 September – 13 September, 2020
A Weekend Alpen Experience on the Hintersee!

Sheltered with God: 
Finding God’s Peace in a World of Fear
Speakers: Pastor John Snyder,  Mike Page, Will Powell, and Brian Rogers

A preview of some of the sessions:

Living Boldly in a World of Fear –
Scripture verses: Job 1:20-21; Philippians 4:4-7; 1 Peter 1:6-7

This pandemic has created an intense focus on fear: masks, social distancing, protection, isolation, and extreme caution. One result is to intensify our natural human problem—putting ourselves at the center, instead of God. For the sake of our families and neighbors, we need to resist the natural anxiety created by this crisis in order to demonstrate and interpret to them the Kingdom of God in our midst.

Jesus our Refuge: Grace in Fearful Times 
Scripture verses: Luke 18:35-42; Luke 8:42-48; Matt 8:1-3

For many of us, the stress of the pandemic has exposed deep-seated fears, sin, and failure in our personal lives. The list can be oppressive: fear of death, fear for our children, fear of financial ruin, fear of personal disaster, etc. What can be done about these fears? What can we do with anxiety, guilt, shame? This session will explore finding grace and freedom through the Friend of Sinners.

Hope in a Foggy Future 
Scripture verses: 2 Samuel 24, 1 Chronicles 21

On whom or what do we rely in both good times and bad? Where do we find our security? And what do we do with our anxieties? In this session we will look into one specific example where King David looked for his security. We will also explore where we can find hope in bleak times, and where our security lies even when the future is uncertain.

Separate programs for Youth and Children!!
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Quote of the Week

 …privatized, consumeristic spirituality is not enough. Not for individuals and not for society. We need more than just “me and Jesus” faith that has little bearing on the world and gives us little incentive to leave the house. We need faith that is rooted in strong, serving, multiplying local church communities—the sort of faith that makes such a difference in its tangible presence that everyone notices, and laments, its absence.
–Brett McCracken, Elder, Author and Senior Editor of The Gospel Coalition


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