Weekly Invite – 12 May 2019: Happy Mother’s Day

Welcome to Starnberg Fellowship


Happy Mother’s Day! If you were to ask the question, “Who are the most powerful people in the world?” the answers would vary. Some would say those that are on Wall Street, the big oil executives, or the President of our country. That is how most people judge importance and power. But if you think about it, a more accurate answer is that the most powerful and influential people on earth are parents with the faith to raise their kids, and to direct their families in a way that is pleasing to God. That is powerful!…

We make sure they brush their teeth daily, bathe, and do their schoolwork. How much more important it is to see that they develop a spiritual habit that will have a positive impact on them for the rest of their lives! God has specifically promised to bless, prosper, and protect those who do.

As parents, we are privileged to mold a life that will live forever. This life will be greatly affected by the kind of teaching that is received from the parent. What an awesome responsibility we have! What is your vision for your family? It’s easy to view academics as an end in itself, but no amount of education can guarantee success for our children… Remember, the most powerful people in the world are parents of faith. Why? Because of who we have on our side. Never forget or underestimate the influence God has given you as a parent, as you teach and train your children for Him. Keep His Word as your focus, character training as a top priority, and regularly claim His power in prayer! -Kathie Morrisey, The Power of A Godly Parent

This Sunday, Pastor John will be preaching on“Seeing God Through Mothers.” Scripture verses we’re focusing on are Isaiah 49:14-16,Luke 13:24, and 2 Timothy 1:5.

Prayer and Bible Study Group on Tuesdays. Join us as we alternate between Bible study and focused prayer. Meetings are at the Powells’ in Pasing. Please contact us for the address.

Youth Sunday and Movie Night is 26 May and the youth will be leading worship! Please contact Sarah or Stephanie for more information or if you’d like to be part of the service.

Join us for our next Coffee and Conversation Morning on Wednesday, 5 June from 10:00-12:00 here at Christuskirche. Children are welcome!

Join us for our Annual Church Retreat: 5 July to 7 July in Berchtesgaden. Our speaker will be Stuart Bell. After serving in a number of churches in Wales, Stuart became Rector in the university town of Aberystwyth in 1988 where he faithfully preached the Gospel to generations of students and townspeople alike for over 25 years. Although a Sais (Englishman) Stuart learnt Welsh in order to minister to the local people. He also has a fantastic memory for names, making an effort to remember the names of all the students coming through each year. Today he lives with his wife Pru (a magistrate for 21 years) above Borth on the Welsh coast. Although officially retired, he continues to serve as a minister as well as regularly leading guided tours of Israel. For our Saturday night Talent event, see Shirin.

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