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Munich Writers 2019

The 2019 Munich Writers’ Conference with Literary Agent and Award-Winning Author and Blogger Cyle Young

When: Sunday, 7 April from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

What: This event for writers and bloggers is to receive intensive instruction on topics of writing – non-fiction, fiction, and blogs.

Location: Christuskirche, Ammerseestraße 19, Gauting (S6 – Stop: Gauting)

Pricing: Free Entry (a freewill offering will be taken at the event)

Pricing for Certificate of Participation: €15

Registration: Email info @ to reserve your place. Space is limited!!

Session 1: Writing Convincing Nonfiction

All successful non-fiction requires at least two of the following: a big idea, excellent writing, or a large platform. The best non-fiction books and authors have all three. Learn how to write your book to market and ensure that you position your non-fiction book to be sellable in an always-changing marketplace.

Session 2: Writing Convincing Fiction

Is this class, you will learn the mechanics of writing an excellent work of fiction in any genre and for any age. Fiction standards across generations and genres and knowing the proper skills and techniques can help you position your manuscript for success. Learn how to write like the best-selling authors of today.

Session 3: Being A Successful Blogger

Learn tips and techniques from the launch of a Writers Digest Top 101 website in 2018 and 2019. Every successful blogger needs 3 things: A voice, an audience, and a distinct and necessary message to convey. Learn how to create or improve your blog while growing your audience.

About Cyle Young:

Cyle Young is a literary agent and award-winning author of over 20 writing awards. In just over two years, Cyle has sold over 150 of his client’s books to publishing houses, and currently represents both Christian and General market authors who have combined to sell over 27 million books. Quarry Press will be releasing two of Cyle’s own upcoming books, Little Michigan: Small Town Destinations and Michigan Moments: A Year of Inspiration Featuring the University of Michigan Wolverines. Cyle is passionate about training writers through in-person instruction and through his on-line writing school, Serious Writer Academy. You can find out more about Cyle at his website


Event Sponsors and Partners:

Starnberg Fellowship

Serious Writer, Inc.

Theology Mix

Basel Community

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