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It’s A Wonderful Life!

It’s A Wonderful Life!

That, of course, is the name of a film that many of us have seen—a perennial holiday classic. Along with The Bishop’s Wife and Scrooged, it’s one of our family’s holiday favorites. (I should add The Holiday and Die Hard for the women in our family!)

But is life all that wonderful for us? Our sermon topic for Sunday is “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and some of the questions we’ll be looking at are:

What would the world be like without our obedient life?
So what?
Why are we here, why now?

Bring your questions and let’s try and discover God’s plans for us, beginning now and into the future.

Our “little ones” are eagerly and industriously giving of their talents to give us a glimpse into The Real Meaning of Christmas. 13 December is going to be a joyful time in worship followed by a special birthday party for Jesus. Invite your loved ones to be a part of our service that evening.

Looking forward to worshiping together this Sunday.

In Christ’s love,
Pastor John


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