How God Guides Us and a Quiz on the Book of Acts

This Sunday’s Bible study will be on Chapter 16 of Acts. The three points we’ll be focusing on are:

1. How God guides us and “God-incidences.”
2. How he cares for the unbeliever. How he draws them to himself.
3. How the first church in the history of Europe was founded.

Not every coincidence in life comes from heaven, but it’s true that God loves coincidences, or “God-incidences.” He seems to thrive on creating circumstances that cause people to say, “That was too amazing to be merely chance.” He places these anomalies along our pathway to encourage us to think about him. The subtle and indirect arrangement or rearrangement of conditions and situations suggest God’s involvement in our lives is more subtle—often known only to us. We may get the point of them on a very personal level, while onlookers (if there are any) may never see it, or they may be skeptical if we share these experiences with it.

A good exercise to do to see the God-incidences in your life is this. When you have time, take a pen and paper, find a quiet place, and think about the past year. See how many of God’s footprints and God-incidences you can jot down, and we’ll talk further about them on Sunday. If you can’t be there on Sunday, just send me a note. I’d love to hear how God has been working in your life this past year.

Below is a fun, quick quiz on Acts to test your knowledge on this great book. Answers next Sunday!

Quick Quiz on Acts

1. Who took the office formerly held by Judas at the end of the first chapter of Acts?

2. In the third chapter of Acts, Peter and John were involved in the healing of a man by what was called the Beautiful Gate to the temple. What was the man’s problem?

3. What member of the council judging the apostles stated, “…let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them.?”
Joseph of Arimathea

4. Who offered to pay Peter and John for the gift of giving others the Holy Spirit?

5. Can you give the name of King Herod’s personal aid?

6. In Acts chapter 15 we read of the convening of the Jerusalem Council. What was the reason for their meeting at this time?

7. What four restrictions did the Jerusalem Council feel necessary for Gentile believers to observe?

8. Name two places where Paul, Silas, and Timothy were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word.

9. Name the prophet who came from Jerusalem to Antioch and predicted a great famine.

10. Who was Saul’s first missionary companion?

Bonus: What practice was discussed at the Jerusalem council in Chapter 15?


John Snyder

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