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A Super Christmas — Pageant

Calling a special Superheroes Meeting for Sunday, 15 December!

We hope all your kids are eager to take part in this year’s pageant entitled A Super Christmas!

It’s about a group of well-known super heroes…Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Batman, Catwoman, etc., who get wind of the fact that a new Superhero is coming to town and is likely to save the entire world and put them out of a job! Imagine how surprised they are when they go bursting into the stable, only to discover that their rival is the sweet little Baby Jesus!

Whether you are members, friends, or been away for a while, everyone is invited to participate in our joy-filled Christmas Pageant and to join in the celebration of Jesus’ Birthday Party on Sunday, 15 December!

If you would like your child (youth included) to be a part of this festive occasion, please respond by replying to this email with your child/children’s name, age, contact telephone, or sign-up on Sundays! We will be accepting registrations through the last Sunday of October (26) to ensure that every child has a part. Rehearsals begin during Sunday school on Sunday, 3 November!

The Youth Band Project and Youth Group will be helping to make this A Super Christmas! ​Youth please be sure to let Sarah and Stephanie know if you’ll be around on 15 December.

The play was written by Vanessa Unti.  She is a student at Western Washington University and the Youth Minister at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church in Bellingham, WA.

For more information or answers: Contact Sharon Stefanski, Sharon Page, Shirin, Sarah, or Stephanie.

Helpers for the pageant and party are always welcome!!

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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