Are you worried that the world as we know it is falling apart? Can you recall a time in history—even in your long or short lifespan—when things appeared so out of control? If you really are a worrier and concerned about what is going on around you, then know this: whatever happens to our world, the Kingdom of God remains the same—forever. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever." -Isaiah 40:8 So consider the following

Quote of the Week Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you others can see Him. -C.S. Lewis ~Join us @ 16:00 hrs for Worship~ 17 October 2021 16:00 hrs at Christuskirche! Ammerseestraße 15 82131 Gauting Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-11 Sermon: Is Your Faith Effective? Pastor John Snyder, preaching Grace Street — Children's Church @16:10 hrs Youth Bible Study @16:15 hrs Jam Session for Youth @ 14:00 hrs - 15:00 hrs  Practicing for Youth Sunday on 24 October and our Christmas Concert! All youth interested in being a part of the youth band,

No matter where we go or what we do, we need to remember that we don’t exist for ourselves, but for a higher will and greater purpose than our own. For this reason, God never intended us to set off on our life journey by ourselves. He is very aware of the powerful forces surrounding us and how inadequately prepared we are to stave them off. So he promises to be our Helper and our Guide. In short, then, the

I like a lot of rock music. Do you remember R.E.M.'s classic song Losing My Religion? The group never intended it to say anything about religion or even about Christian faith—the title comes from a Southern expression meaning to "lose one's temper or civility" or "feeling frustrated and desperate." But the song set me on another track of thinking:  When we blow away all the cobwebs that surround our thinking on what Christianity is, we will realize that the best

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